Scholarships and Student Funding

Derek and Maureen 2020 Online Scholarships

The School of GeoSciences is offering two scholarships for the Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change Management for the 2020-2021 academic session.


Each scholarship will cover the full fees relating to the Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change Management.  For successful recipients studying towards the MSc Carbon Management programme, the scholarship will cover the Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change Management  component of the masters programme.


The scholarships will be available to students who are accepted for admission on to the PgCert Climate Change Management (online) or MSc Carbon Management (online) commencing in 2020-2021.

Applicants must be national and resident in the following countries:

Afghanistan Cuba Indonesia Myanmar Sudan
Algeria Democratic People's Republic of Korea Iraq Namibia Suriname
Angola Democratic Republic of the Congo Jamaica Nauru Swaziland
Argentina Djibouti Jordan Nepal Syria
Azerbaijan Dominican Republic Kenya Nicaragua Tajikistan
Bahamas Ecuador Kiribati Niger Tanzania
Bangladesh Egypt Laos Nigeria Timor-Leste
Belize El Salvador Lebanon Pakistan Togo
Benin Equatorial Guinea Lesotho Palau Tonga
Bhutan Eritrea Liberia Papua New Guinea Tunisia
Bolivia Ethiopia Libya Paraguay Turkmenistan
Botswana Fiji Madagascar Peru Tuvalu
Burkina Faso Gabon Malawi Philippines Uganda
Burundi Gambia Maldives Rwanda Uzbekistan
Cambodia Ghana Mali Samoa Vanuatu
Cameroon Guatemala Marshall Islands Sao Tome & Principe Venezuela
Cape Verde Guinea Mauritania Senegal VietNam
Central African Rep. Guinea-Bissau Micronesia Sierra Leone Yemen
Chad Guyana Moldova Solomon Islands Zambia
Comoros Haiti Mongolia Somalia Zimbabwe
Congo Honduras Morocco South Africa  
Côte d'Ivoire India Mozambique Sri Lanka  


The scholarship will be awarded based on financial need and motivation, which will be assessed at application stage. Priority will be given to applicants from those nations most at risk from climate change and who are deemed to have the greatest potential to tackle climate change in their home country. 


Applications for this scholarship are no longer being accepted for 2020-2021 as the 14th of August deadline has now passed.


All applicants will be notified of the outcome by end of August 2020.