Scholarships and Student Funding

Discretionary Fund – Winter Covid Top Up Fund

The Scottish Government has allocated funds to assist students who are facing financial difficulties during the current Covid-19 lockdown.




The fund will support students who are struggling to pay for accommodation costs and who are unable to secure rent rebates while not returning to their term-time accommodation, as well as those experiencing severe hardship as a result of Covid-19.

The fund is open from 1-26 March 2021 at 1700 UK time and successful applicants will receive UP TO £1,500.

For UK (assessed) students, you do not need to apply for this fund if you have previously successfully applied for discretionary funding between September 2020 and 28 February 2021. You will automatically receive £1,500 from this fund without needing to apply.

For students who previously applied for hardship funding (EU, International and non means tested UK students) and been successful, you should follow the information below to make an application.


Applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis and no new applications will be accepted once all money from the fund has been allocated.    If funds are exhausted prior to the closing date, we will close the application process.


  Successfull Application Rejected Applications
College of Art, Humanities and Social Sciences 1122 300
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine 131 61
College of Science and Engineering 406 167
Grand Total 1659



Total funds paid out to students - £2,288,626.00

How the fund works

Please read the following terms before submitting your application.


Students will be eligible for the fund if:

  • You are a fully matriculated student.
  • You are experiencing financial hardship as a result of private accommodation rent costs.
  • You returned to your term-time address for in-person teaching/research activities and are experiencing other severe financial issues related to Covid-19.

Priority will be given to students who have had to return home and are still paying rental costs on private term-time accommodation

Students will be unable to apply for the fund if:

  • You have already received a partial or full refund from University-managed accommodation or from your private landlord.
  • You have remained at your parental home during the academic year and have not paid for any term-time accommodation.
  • You pay a mortgage - speak to your lender to discuss payment holidays.
  • You are applying to replace income loss.
  • Your usual method of study is online or Distance Learning
  • You are a student not yet matriculated at the University
  • You are a visiting or exchange student


Application Requirements

During the application process, you will need to provide supporting evidence:

  • Bank statements

    • Statements must be provided for all of your bank accounts from last 8 weeks up until the recent month. This includes PayPal, Monzo, UK and Overseas accounts.
    • Bank statements must be provided in PDF format and must show the account holder name, account number, transaction details and running balance. Screenshots cannot be accepted.
    • The statements must clearly show that rent is leaving your bank account.
    • Please ensure you confirm the dates that your rent is due.


  • Accommodation Lease/Rental Agreement

    • Please provide a PDF copy of the lease for the property you are/were renting. Screenshots cannot be accepted.
    • If you have a lease with a private letting agent.
    • If your rent is in arrears, a copy of confirmation of arrears must be provided
  • Any other supporting information that will show evidence of severe hardship related to Covid-19.

All attachments should be in PDF format. The application cannot be submitted without these documents.  The application form must be completed in full – if information is omitted, your application will be rejected.

After you have submitted your application

Once your application is submitted, please refrain from sending duplicate emails. If you need to add to your original application, please use the link that you will receive in your receipt email once your application has been submitted. 

We are aware of the urgency of your application and will ensure we deal with the application as quickly as possible. In order for us to support as many students as possible, our team is working to strict guidelines: every student who has applied and has been successful or unsuccessful, is being assessed in exactly the same way.

We will post our processing timescales as soon as possible to keep you updated and we will be in touch if further details or supporting documentation are required.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

If successful, you will receive email confirmation from us.

If successful, how will I receive the money?

We will make payment to your UK bank account. In order to speed up the payment process, you should ensure you add your bank details via the link in the application form or through UniDesk.

You will receive payment after 26 March 2021 -*If you received confirmation of an award on or before Friday 26 March, at 1700 and have provided bank details you should receive your payment within the next 10 days

Students who received their award outcome between Monday 29 March and Friday 2 April  and have provided bank details, will receive their payment week of 12 April


Why was my application rejected?

In order to ensure the limited funds go to those most in need we may reject applications that show:

  • access to funds and savings to support living costs
  • a high volume of non hardship spending or gambling
  • lack of required support documentation within the time frame
  • the funds are to support living costs based on access to funds

  • the fund does not cover travel costs

What if I disagree with the assessment of my application?

If your application has been rejected and you disagree with the decision, you are entitled to request a review of your application.

Reviews should be requested in writing, clearly stating the grounds for appeal and, where appropriate, supplying additional documentary evidence to support the review process.  Reviews must be submitted within 10 days of receiving your outcome.

Reviews should be sent to with the subject "Winter Request for Covid Review"