Scholarships and Student Funding

Non-UK students

The University provides emergency funding for students facing unexpected financial difficulties. This fund has been increased to £100,000 for the 2020/21 academic year.

Limited additional assistance is available for fully-matriculated EU (non-UK) and Overseas students from the University's Common Bursaries Fund who are ineligible to receive assistance from other UK Government sponsored funds. The fund supports living costs during financial difficulty and cannot be used for tuition fee payment.

 You can apply to the University for an emergency award if you suddenly find yourself in financial difficulty due to unforeseen problems with your funding. This could be as a result of currency fluctuations or the unexpected withdrawal of funding support, for example. Awards can also be made from this Fund to help students suffering financial hardship due to ill health if this results in an authorised interruption of studies.


Welfare Advisors at the EUSA Advice Place are available to answer your questions and provide support for your application. We recommend contacting a Welfare Advisor before completing the form  Advice Place Contacts.

Application form

During the application process, you are required to attach supporting evidence such as:

  • All bank statements – The statements must be official statements in PDF format that show the account holder name, account number, transaction details and running balance.  These must cover the recent 3 months,  (screen shots are not acceptable)
  • A copy of the lease for the property you are renting (screen shots are not acceptable)
  • Any scholarship or funding letters
  • Any other information asked for within the application process

Please ensure all attachments are in the format of PDF’s.  Without the relevant information, this will cause a delay in assessing your application.

Your application was logged in our call management system and you will have received a call number.  We would ask that you please refrain from sending duplicate e-mails, if you need to add to your original e-mail please use the call link you will receive by return email on submission of your form.  We are aware of the urgency of your application and will ensure we deal with the application as quickly as possible.    We are posting our processing dates to keep you updated and we will be in touch if further details or supporting documentation is required. 

Application - please click here to use our online form

Assessment of application

Assessment normally takes about 20 working days from receipt of a complete application, you will receive an email informing you of the decision.  Please note, due to the current circumstances  applications may take longer dependant on the number of applications we are receiving.  The University is also now in a transitional period of staff working from home this task may take longer which will therefore, increase these timelines. 

If your application is successful, it can take up to 10 working days for payments to be processed.  

Payment of award

Awards are paid by BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services).  If you are successful, Finance will process payment to your bank account.  You will be asked to provide these details via a link on the form. 

Can I apply more than once?

Yes. You can apply as many times as you wish during the academic year. Each case is considered on its individual merits at the time of application. We aim to provide support to as many students as possible, as a result, previous applications - whether successful or not - will be taken into consideration.

What level of funding is available?

In previous years, the maximum available was £250 per year. For the 20/21 academic session, you can receive up to £500 (single), £750 (couple) and £900 (family) per year. 


What if I disagree with the assessment of my application?

If you disagree with the decision reached you are entitled to request a review of your application. Reviews are handled by Scholarships and Financial Support staff.

Reviews should be requested in writing, clearly stating the grounds for appeal and, where appropriate, supplying additional documentary evidence to support the review process. All requests for review must be received within 14 days of the date of the original decision letter. The review process can take up to two weeks.

After you have received the outcome of your review, if you still disagree with our decision you may appeal in writing to the Scholarships and Student Funding Services Manager (, who is responsible for handling the final appeal. You should clearly indicate how you believe an incorrect decision has been made. The Head of the department will review the case and inform the applicant of the decision in writing within seven working days.

EUSA Advice Place staff will be able to advise you as to whether or not you have sufficient grounds to request a review.


Scholarships and Financial Support Team

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