Scholarships and Student Funding

Hotel Quarantine Costs (Semester 2 2020/21 only)

The University can support hotel quarantine costs (to a maximum of £1,750) for those who are required to be on campus for learning and teaching on an approved programme

The University can support managed isolation (*hotel quarantine costs, to a maximum of £1,750) for those who are required to be on campus for learning and teaching on an approved programme arriving in UK after the 15th of February 2021. Required programme attendance is approved by individual colleges not by schools or project supervisors. This does not include the costs of travel or other expenses. 

The fund is currently open from 1 March to 30 June 2021 at 1700 UK time.  Applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis and no new applications will be accepted once all money from the fund has been allocated.    If funds are exhausted prior to the closing date (30 June at 1700), we will close the application process.

Further updates  will be made where relevant government guidelines are updated and the funds remain available.

*Quarantine (managed isolation) costs are for UK arrivals only, if you have been asked to quarantine in another country,  you are not eligible for this fund.  

We can only assist matriculated students, who are on an eligible programme (see below) and who commenced their studies in the 2020/21 academic year or before - students who commence studies in academic session 2021/22 are not eligible.

The approved programmes are detailed below.   


College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
Taught Programmes

Medicine (Clinical)

Medicine (Pre-Clinical)

Veterinary Medicine (Clinical) (BVMS)

Veterinary Medicine (Clinical) (Graduate Entry) (BMVS)

Veterinary Medicine (Preclinical) (BMVS)

Veterinary Medicine (Graduate Entry) (Preclinical) (BMVS)

Postgraduate Research Programmes  By college approval on an individual basis (project requirements) 


College of Science and Engineering
Taught Programmes  None
Postgraduate Research Programmes  By college approval on an individual basis (project requirements) 


College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Taught Programmes    

Teacher Education Programmes - including:

MA Primary Education with Gaelic and MA Physical Education

PGDE programmes and MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching 

Community Education 
Social Work
Counselling (MSc, MCouns  etc) and Psychotherapy and Counselling
MSc Human Osteoarchaeology
Postgraduate Research Programmes    By college approval on an individual basis (project requirements) 


If you are on an approved programme and have incurred hotel quarantine costs (managed isolation), please email:  A short form will be issued requesting information, a payment confirmation and bank details.  


  During the application process you will be required to submit the following evidence:

  • Receipt from your managed isolation provider (hotel quarantine cost)
  • Receipt must include start and end date of the isolation
  • Receipt must include your name
  • Copy of flight ticket from your first location point through to Edinburgh

We can only assist the enrolled student, we are unable to assist with costs for partners and family who  have to be in managed isolation (quarantine).


If you have incurred hotel quarantine costs (managed isolation) arriving in Edinburgh and not on an approved programme and are in hardship, please apply to  the Discretionary Fund - Winter Covid Top Up Fund

After you have submitted your application

Once your application is submitted, please refrain from sending duplicate emails. 

We are aware of the urgency of your application and will ensure we deal with the application as quickly as possible. In order for us to support as many students as possible, our team is working to strict guidelines: every student who has applied and has been successful or unsuccessful, is being assessed in exactly the same way.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

If successful, you will receive email confirmation from us.

If successful, how will I receive the money?

We will make payment to your UK bank account. In order to speed up the payment process, you should ensure you add your bank details via the link in the application form or through UniDesk.

You will receive payment 14 days AFTER you have completed quarantine, we will not pay out any money in advance.

Why was my application rejected?

In order to ensure the limited funds go to those most in need, we may reject applications that show:

  • You are not on the approved list of programmes (see above)
  • You arrived in the UK prior to 15 February
  • You have chosen to travel for personal reasons e.g. employment, internships, visa reasons
  • You are looking for future managed isolation (quarantine) assistance
  • You are looking for assistance with the cost of your flight
  • You have made arrangement to travel back to your home country with full awareness of the hotel quarantine requirement on your return
  • Costs submitted are for onward travel
  • Costs submitted are from your home country
  • Costs submitted do not show the start and end date on the hotel receipt
  • Cost submitted are for self isolation at your own accommodation

What if I disagree with the assessment of my application?

If your application has been rejected and you disagree with the decision, you are entitled to request a review of your application.

Reviews should be sent to

Reviews should be requested in writing, clearly stating the grounds for appeal and, where appropriate, supplying additional documentary evidence to support the review process.


Q. Can we support students on exchange programmes (such as ERASMUS) which have come to an end with the cost of managed isolation (quarantine) and testing?

A. Yes. Providing the travel is essential (for example, the course has come to an end), the student is facing financial hardship and requires support with these costs, the funds can be used.


Advice and Guidance from the Scottish Government - Coronavirus (COVID-19): international travel and managed isolation (quarantine)