Scholarships and Student Funding

Financial Support - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The University is aware of the impact on students and the additional financial burden this may place on you. With this in mind, you may be eligible for some financial support.

These funds can be used to cover any exceptional costs students may have incurred in relation to accommodation, subsistence, and travel.





The University has been able to assist many students since we launched in March.   As of  5 October, the Scholarships and Student Funding team have processed a total of 4039  applications. This is in comparison to an average of 950 applications for hardship across the academic year. 

Breakdown of Applications
  Successful Applications Rejected Applications
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 2090 606
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine 212 61
College of Science and Engineering 815 255
Grand Total 3117 922

Total funds paid out to students - £1,772,429.68.  We are currently working on applications submitted during the week beginning 30 July.  We currently have over 140 applications awaiting processing.

Due to the high number of applications we are receiving, we have reviewed our processing times.  We hope to send you a decision on the outcome of your application within 25 working days.



We will continue to assess all applications we have received up to the closing date.

The University has been able to assist many students during the COVID 19 lockdown.

In order for us to continue to support as many students as possible, our team is working to guidelines and every student who has applied, been successful or unsuccessful is being assessed in exactly the same way.

However, it is important to note that students have differing access to funds, support from funding bodies, personal circumstances and support needs. This means the pay out of funds is not always the same.  We are not able to comment on the funds awarded to other students.

Our main focus is to assist students who are in immediate hardship and not in anticipated hardship.  We assess students bank statements, if we find that you have access to funds and your bank account is showing a credit balance, we may be unable to assist you, this is to ensure we can provide support for those in immediate hardship. We are not able to replace income loss and we realise this is difficult with so many students relying on summer jobs to support their studies.

Our assessment process is continually being reviewed in line with lockdown restrictions being eased. We are determined to help as many students as possible within the funds available.

Application Form

During the application process, you were required to attach supporting evidence such as:

  • Bank statements – The statements must be official statements in PDF format that show the account holder name, account number, transaction details and running balance.  These must cover the recent 2 months,  (screen shots are not acceptable)
  • A copy of the lease for the property you are renting (screen shots are not acceptable)
  • Any other information asked for within the application process

Please ensure all attachments were in the format of PDF’s.  Without the relevant information, this will cause a delay in assessing your application.

Your application was logged in our call management system and you will have received a call number.  We would ask that you please refrain from sending duplicate e-mails, if you need to add to your original e-mail please use the call link you will receive by return email on submission of your form.  We are aware of the urgency of your application and will ensure we deal with the application as quickly as possible.    We are posting our processing dates to keep you updated and we will be in touch if further details or supporting documentation is required.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

If successful you will receive a communication from us through the original call number on submission of your form, this communication will be attached to your original e-mail.

Payment should normally reach your account within 10 days of receiving the decision on your application.

If successful, how will I receive the money?

We will make payment to your UK bank account.  You would have updated your bank details in your application form failure to action will result in a delay in making payment as quickly as possible into your account.

Further information 

If you have been affected by the current COVID-19 situation, University guidance is available from


Academic Year 2020/21

Details on how to apply to the Discretionary and Hardship Fund will be available is due course.  This will include information on how to complete the form along with all necessary documentation which will be required for assessment.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact