Scholarships and Student Funding

Scottish History scholarships and prizes

Six prizes are available.

David Berry Prize

A competition is held annually for a prize to the value of £250 which is awarded to the writer of the best essay on a subject, to be selected by the candidate, dealing with Scottish History, provided such subject has been previously submitted to and approved by the Royal Historical Society.

No person to whom the Prize has been awarded may enter for any subsequent competition for the Prize.

All candidates are invited to send in their essays for adjudication to University College London.

The essay submitted must be a genuine work of research based on original (manuscript or printed) materials.

It should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words in length (excluding foot-notes and appendices).

It must be submitted in typescript. The author's name should not appear on the typescript and should be submitted separately.

Essays must be delivered no later than the 31 October.

Candidates should send in their essays for adjudication to University College London. If sent by post they must be prepaid and registered.

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Hume Brown Senior Prize

A prize is awarded biennially to a graduate of a Scottish University for an original contribution to Scottish History, unpublished or published, not more than two years before the award.

In submitting their work each candidate must declare that they have not previously published, nor have had accepted for publication any other book on any aspect of Scottish History.

James Elliot Prize (Scottish History)

This Scottish History prize is awarded annually for an essay bearing on the special period studied in the Honours class.

The subject will be announced at the beginning of the course and the essays must be handed to the Professor before the end of the Spring term.

Fraser Mackintosh Prize

A book prize is awarded annually by the Gaelic Society of Inverness to a student of Scottish History who as part of his or her degree produces an original work of outstanding merit on topic relating to any aspect of the history of the Highlands of Scotland or of the people of that region settled elsewhere in the United Kingdom or abroad.

The prize is in memory of Charles Fraser Mackintosh of Drummond, Member of Parliament for the Inverness Burghs 1874-1892, lawyer, antiquarian, historian and founding member and former chieftain of the Gaelic Society of Inverness.

Dobson Morpeth Junior and Senior Prizes

A senior prize is awarded annually for outstanding work by a student who is a candidate for the degree in Scottish Historical Studies; a Junior Prize is awarded for the best essay on Scottish History 2.

A prize may also be awarded for such other purpose as the Professor of Scottish History may consider most appropriate for the encouragement of the study of the subject.

J Williamson Memorial Prize

A prize is awarded annually to the best student in Scottish History 1.