Scholarships and Student Funding

Education scholarships and prizes

Ten awards are available.


Alison Boyd Memorial Prize

Alison Boyd was from Prestwick, Ayrshire, and her lifelong ambition was to become a Physical Education teacher.

Her illness was diagnosed at Christmas of her second year but she courageously returned to complete a further year, despite undergoing treatment.

She died in 1984 at the age of 21 years. Those who knew her will not forget.

The prize is awarded to the student who has shown the greatest accomplishment and achievement in basketball in the BEd (Physical Education) degree programme.

Andy Hocking Award

The Andy Hocking Award is presented in memory of Andy Hocking who was a much respected Senior lecturer in Environmental Studies at Moray House Institute of Education for more than 20 years before his sudden death in 1997.

Andy Hocking put great value on learning about the physical and social world by actually going and seeing it at first hand, and was committed to giving students opportunities to have that kind of experience through field work.

This prize is awarded to the student in Year 1 of the BEd (Primary) Honours degree programme who demonstrates not only a high standard of academic performance in the field course but also makes a significant contribution to the course, displays a consistent, positive attitude, and demonstrates qualities of leadership.

Annabella G Clark Prize

The prize is awarded for service to the University according to the terms of a legacy from Annabella G Clark, lecturer in Methods at Moray House Training College.

Currie Prize

In memory of the Reverand James Currie, a former Rector of the Church of Scotland Training College, this prize is awarded to the best student overall in the final year of the BEd (Primary Education) degree programme.

Dickson Prize

In memory of Robert C Dickson, a former Edinburgh headmaster and a member of the then Provincial Committee, the prize is awarded to the best teacher from the final year of the BEd (Primary Education) degree programme.

Fethi Azaiez/Stanley Ndeke Memorial Prize

In memory of two students in the former Scottish Centre for Education Overseas, the prize is awarded to the student who is considered to have made the most significant contribution to the strengthening of good relations between overseas and home based students.

Isaac Howitt Art Teacher Award

The prize, which is awarded in memory of Isaac Howitt, a former treasurer of the Scottish Society for Art Education, is given to the most promising student completing the course for the Teaching Qualification (Secondary Education) in Art.

John W Oliver Memorial Fund Prize

This prize is supported by the trustees of the John W Oliver memorial fund and is awarded to a student in the final year of the BEd (Primary Education) degree programme for distinction in the teaching of Scottish Literature, Scottish Language or Scottish History.

The prize is awarded on the basis of sustained work throughout the degree programme and on an evaluative analysis of work planned and undertaken by the student with pupils in the primary school.

Steele Prize

In memory of Reverend Peter Steele, a former lecturer in Classics and English in Moray House Free Church Training College, this prize is awarded to the most distinguished student in Language in the final year of the BEd (Primary Education) degree programme.

This prize is provided by the Church of Scotland.


Margaret Fraser Tuach Scholarship

The Margaret Fraser Tuach Scholarship was established in memory of Margaret Tuach, who graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1937.

It is awarded annually to students taking the initial teacher education qualification.

These are students undertaking the PGCE (Primary), PGCE (Secondary), BEd (Primary), BEd (Physical Education) and BEd (Design and Technology) who are in their third and fourth years of the BEd degrees or have started the PGCE programme.

Applicants must be in good academic standing i.e have achieved at least 80% of assessments at grade A. They must also be Scottish born.

The closing date for applications is normally mid-December.

All students on the programmes indicated above are notified of the award normally at the beginning of October, and invited to complete the application form.

Criterion and selection: A group of three of the Senior Management Team of the School (normally Head of School, Vice-Dean and Director of Undergraduate Studies) will scrutinise applications and decide on the award of the scholarship, according to the criteria set:

  • As requested by Mr Fraser, 10% weighting will be given to any student with the surname of Tuach or Fraser, whether on the mother’s or father’s side
  • 40% favourable weighting will be given to the academic standing of the student
  • 30% favourable weighting will be given to financial need
  • 20% favourable weighting will be given to evidence of significant community or youth involvement. (This could include involvement in activities within the University or school, as well as those external to the University.)

The School reserves the right not to make an award if there is no one who meets the required criteria in any particular year.