Student Experience Grants

Project highlights

We asked some of our grantees, past and present, to reflect on their projects.

Rianna, Project Myopia

Black woman closing her eyes in a dark room.
Rianna shares how an idea she had at University has grown into a resource that is helping UK academics navigate decolonisation.

Heather, CasePALs

Woman smiling at camera crouched down with two dogs in a garden.
Heather tells us how developing a learning resource for veterinary students has enhanced her learning.

[M], Ruins

Meet [M] Dudeck, the performance artist who wants to provoke conversation about art and religion.

Dan, WellMed

Man in graduation robes
Medical student Dan tells us more about what he learned as one of the founding members of a peer-support group for mental health.

Sophie, The Elevator Project

Sophie shares how a student tutoring project helped her to feel part of the city community as an Edinburgh student.