Student Experience Grants

Inspiration corner

These case studies of successful alumni-funded projects should spark your imagination.

Alumni-funded grants have supported projects at the University for many years. Student Experience Grants replaced Innovation Initiative Grants (IIG) in summer 2018.

Some case studies below refer to Innovation Initiative Grants, but these projects would still be eligible for funding under the current scheme.

APEX 6: Altitude Physiology Expedition

Group picture of students standing in front of Huayna Potosí
A group of 34 University of Edinburgh student volunteers traveled to Bolivia to further our understanding of human physiology at high altitude.

Butterfly Baby Clinic

Jiaqi Peng
Psychology Masters student Jiaqi tells us what she learned through her involvement in an alumni-supported project that helps local families during the pandemic.

The Journey of Tea

Students from the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security travelled to India where they explored the journey of tea from plantation to teapot.

Medical start-up supports Covid-19 response

Augment Bionics team with printed mask
From student start-up to critical personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier during a global pandemic, Augment Bionics has had an inspiring journey since receiving its Student Experience Grant last year.

Bringing communities together

A new student and staff led project is empowering Syrian refugees to participate fully in the Edinburgh community.

Sharing the wonders of beekeeping

Members of the public wearing bee suits visit the Easter Bush Campus Apiary
Honey bees colonies at the Easter Bush Campus Apiary have delighted young visitors thanks to an alumni-funded grant.

Hunting MicroMonsters in the Highlands

Hunting MicroMonsters team members
A group of PhD students travelled deep inside the Scottish Highlands to study microorganisms in two lochs and produce a documentary, thanks to alumni funding.

At the interface of science and art

Visual art and data have combined to reveal the effects of climate change in the Arctic, and to create a breath-taking exhibition, thanks to alumni support.

Exploring sustainable fashion in India

Students on a field trip to India
Students from a range of subjects visited India to unpick the threads that form the country’s $200bn textile industry in a trip supported by Edinburgh alumni.

Aiding Change

Aiding Change team members and beneficiaries
An alumni-funded grant is helping a student-run social enterprise to improve lives in Ghana through solar-powered hearing aids.

Racing to the top

Edinburgh University Formula Student race car
Edinburgh students have taken first place at the UK’s first driverless race car competition thanks to an alumni-funded grant.

Creative challenge in European languages

Students and staff behind BABBLE
Alumni funding is giving students an opportunity to develop and practise their creative writing skills in European languages.

Coding Club: a positive peer-learning community

Coding Club members pick up their EUSA Impact Award
A student-staff collaboration is helping people to improve their statistics and programming skills through workshops and online tutorials.

A small bar of soap with big impact

Through an all-natural soap that includes insect repellent, students are empowering women with entrepreneurial skills while combatting malaria.

Increasing access to clean water

Using an innovative fog catching system, students have increased access to clean and affordable water for a community in the Atlas Mountains.

Dangerous women

A unique initiative that explores the concept of dangerous women has been completed with the help of an alumni-funded grant.

A breath of FreshAir

FreshAir radio
An alumni-funded Innovation Initiative Grant has given students a unique opportunity to provide live commentary at Edinburgh sporting events.

A scientist walks into a bar

Pint of Science
The Pint of Science festival made its debut appearance in Edinburgh thanks to an alumni-funded Innovation Initiative Grant.

Why lose it if you can use it?

The Swap and Reuse HUB has grown from an event for new students to the UK's first registered student co-operative focusing on workshops and food sharing.

Stories from the sea

Lucy Roscoe
Edinburgh College of Art graduate and now teaching fellow in illustration talks about her project that paired students with primary school pupils from Orkney.