Student Disability Service

Autistic Spectrum Group

Information about a social/information group for students with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

The Student Disability Service (SDS) runs a weekly social and information group for students with a diagnosis of, or who are undergoing assessment for, Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).  The group is open to students who are registered with SDS, as well as those who have had no previous contact with the Service  and is organised by one of our ASC Mentors, Lilla, and a Disability Advisor, Angela Joyce.

The group acts as a social space for students with ASC, and meets once a week throughout the academic year.  It provides an opportunity to meet, make friends, chat and talk through issues or concerns.  Each week the group will discuss an agreed topic but there will also be plenty of time for social interaction.  Discussion topics are suggested by group members and include the following:

 - Hybrid Learning

 - Social Anxiety

 - Building Friendships

 - Managing Deadlines

During Semester 1 the weekly sessions will be held every Tuesday between 5 and 6pm via Microsoft Teams.

If you wish to join the Group, please email or

Autism Awareness/Acceptance

The group has recently produced this guidance document, which may be of interest and use to both students and staff: