Student Disability Service

What support is available?

Examples of exam support are extra time, scribes, use of a computer, and no penalties for poor spelling or grammar. You need to speak to an Advisor to get these adjustments put in place.

Adjustments to exams and tests

Exam support covers a very wide range of “reasonable adjustments” that can include the following real examples:

  • Providing additional time e.g. 25% extra time.
  • Providing an alternative method for the student to undertake the exam e.g. student can use a standard PC in exams or use the services of a scribe in exams.
  • Ensuring that no penalties are given for poor spelling, grammar, punctuation and structure in examination scripts, unless these are being directly assessed and are core to an understanding of the course.
  • Changes to the physical environment in which an exam is taken e.g. allowing a student to sit an exam in a smaller room or even a room on their own.
  • Altering the sequence of exams e.g. ensuring a student does not sit two 3-hour exams in a single day.

How to arrange exam adjustments

Contact the Student Disability Service who will discuss your needs with you.

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