Disability and Learning Support Service

Information for Access Centres

This information may be useful for Access Centres assessing the needs of students who will be studying at the University of Edinburgh.

The University has an Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy, which identifies a number of baseline standards for the accessibility of teaching, learning and research.

The University also has a range of assistive technology available on all open access computers and the computers provided in accessible study rooms in libraries.


Current NMH hourly rates

Rates the University of Edinburgh charges for supplying non-medical helpers (NMH) to support students funded by Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA).  

NB: As of 18 April 2022, the University of Edinburgh will not be supplying non-medical help for new students funded by DSA.   Please quote other suppliers in a DSA needs assessments or funding applications.

If the student needs support provided directly by the University of Edinburgh, please contact the Service to discuss that support and receive the most up-to-date NMH hourly rate.