Disability and Learning Support Service

Schedules of Adjustments and Student Support in Schools

Guidance for staff across Schools, including Disability Contacts and Coordinators of Adjustments, and other staff involved in implementing adjustments and other types of support for students.

Implementing adjustments for students

Guidance for School staff (specifically Coordinators of Adjustments and Disability Contacts) on the responsibilities and process of implementing adjustments.

Coordinators of Adjustments

Details of the Coordinators of Adjustments (CoAs) and staff with CoA access to EUCLID at each School.

Coordinator of Adjustment Guidance (secured)

Summary contacts, guidance and information to aid CoAs in performing this role.

School Disability Contacts

Disability Contact for each School.

Disability Contact Roles and Responsibilities

Role and responsibilities of a School Disability Contact.

Supporting Students - key information for staff

Key guidance and a range of relevant case studies

Reasonable adjustments and competence standards

Guidance for staff on the implementation of adjustments in the context of academic or professional competence standards