Student Disability Service

Coordinator of Adjustment (CoA) Role and Responsibilities

Role and responsibilities of a CoA.

Background and context

The University has implemented a new system for the recording and distribution of Schedules of Adjustments to key staff in Schools.

The role of Coordinator of Adjustments has been adapted to reflect the new processes in place to support disabled students and to take account of recommendations from the Principal’s Review of Support for Disabled Students (2017). This includes the introduction of a senior designated point of contact, acting with the authority of the Head of School, with whom disabled students can raise issues of concern.

Disabled students who require learning support should be referred to the Student Disability Service (SDS) in the first instance.

Role Responsibilities

  1. To work alongside the School Disability Contact to support disabled students
  2. To oversee/monitor the School’s process to ensure the effective dissemination and implementation of adjustments proposed by the SDS
  3. To ensure that School staff who need to be aware of students’ adjustments have the relevant access to the system for distributing this information
  4. To raise with the School Disability Contact and/or the Student Disability Service any concerns regarding adjustments that may affect the academic integrity or core competence standards of teaching and learning within the School
  5. To be part of a University-wide network of Coordinators of Adjustments for purposes of sharing expertise, good practice and relevant knowledge, skills and experience. The network will be supported by the SDS
  6. To report to Student Systems any technical issues with the system for sharing students’ Schedules of Adjustments
  7. To develop and maintain a working knowledge of key disability issues and University policy as it relates to disabled students
  8. To develop effective working relationships and establish positive lines of communication with SDS
  9. To attend training, workshops and information events organised by SDS.

August 2017