Student Disability Service


Information for staff involved in supporting disabled students.

Supporting students

Information on how to help students, including the University leaflet on helping distressed students.

Implementing adjustments for students

Guidance for School staff (specifically Coordinators of Adjustments and Disability Contacts) on the responsibilities and process of implementing adjustments.

Reasonable adjustments and competence standards

Guidance for staff on the implementation of adjustments in the context of academic or professional competence standards

Training for Staff

The Student Disability Service offers a variety of training that is available to all staff across the University.

Supporting Students - key information for staff

Key guidance and a range of relevant case studies

Subtitling guidance for staff

There is a range of options within the University for supporting staff to provide subtitles for media used on websites or in teaching situations.

Creating accessible materials

Disabled students might need documents or other materials in an alternative accessible formats.

Student Videos

Students talking about using the Student Disability Service and how the support they receive has enabled them to engage positively with their studies.

Information for disabled staff

The Student Disability Service is primarily a service for students. We aim to assist University staff in their support of students; we do not provide support directly to disabled staff.