Disability and Learning Support Service

Student Disability Service to Change Name

Following extensive consultation with students and key staff the Service has taken the decision to change its name.

Having received feedback from student service users and staff The Student Disability Service recognised some time ago that there was a need to change the name of the department to more accurately reflect the role it has in supporting students' learning, and to use more inclusive language.  The process of gathering feedback from all stakeholders commenced several years ago, and included meetings with the Students' Association and several disabled student forum meetings.  Unfortunately, this had to be put on hold as a result of the pandemic, however, we were able to resume the consultation earlier this year by which time a shortlist of options had been identified. All disabled students and key staff across the University were given the opportunity to vote on the shortlist.  The outcome of the vote was definitive, with 67% of students and 65% of all voters opting for a change to "Disability and Learning Support Service".

Now that the new name has been agreed the Service will begin the process of amending all relevant materials, communications and signage over the summer months, and will be known by this new designation from the start of the new academic year.