Student Disability Service

Finding out about dyslexia

If you think you might be dyslexic or have other related difficulties, please come and speak to one of our Advisors who would be happy to discuss your concerns.


How do I find out if I am dyslexic?

You need to make a dyslexia screening appointment with an Advisor. The appointment will take about an hour.

Don't worry - a significant number of students are first diagnosed with dyslexia during their university studies.

Dyslexia screening appointment

What to expect from dyslexia screening

1. Computer screening

2. Very short writing activity

3. Discussion with an Advisor

4. Further assessment

Computer screening

Following an initial chat, we usually offer the option of being screened using a computer programme. This is designed to identify potential dyslexic difficulties.

Very short writing activity

You are then asked to carry out a very short writing activity. There may be some additional screening questionnaires.


The advisor will evaluate the results and discuss these with you.

Further assessment

If it is agreed that further assessment would be helpful, we will arrange an appointment with an Educational Psychologist. We have a team of Psychologists working with our service.

Understanding Dyslexia

"Understanding Dyslexia: An Introduction for Dyslexic Students in Higher Education" is a document produced by Glasgow School of Art in 2000 which may provide some further useful information.