Disability and Learning Support Service

The Team

The Disability & Learning Support Service Team

The Management Team

Name Role Email
Victoria Buchanan Director victoria.buchanan@ed.ac.uk
Gael Campbell Assistant Director Operations gael.campbell@ed.ac.uk
Jan Gardiner Assistant Director Development jan.gardiner@ed.ac.uk
Neil Heatley Assistant Director Student Support Neil.Heatley@ed.ac.uk
Ruth Lee Assistant Director Study Support ruth.lee@ed.ac.uk

The Student Support Team

Name Role Email
Hazel Hume Disability Advisor hazel.hume@ed.ac.uk
Angela Joyce Disability Advisor angela.joyce@ed.ac.uk
Jahanara Khatun Disability Advisor jahanara.khatun@ed.ac.uk
Katie Mackinnon Disability & Inclusion Officer katie.mackinnon@ed.ac.uk
Tom Malone Disability & Inclusion Officer tom.malone@ed.ac.uk
Grant McNicoll Disability Advisor grant.mcnicoll@ed.ac.uk
Julie Nicoll Disability & Inclusion Officer julie.nicoll@ed.ac.uk
Karen Scott Disability Advisor karen.scott@ed.ac.uk
Suzanne Thomson Disability Advisor suzanne.hewitt@ed.ac.uk

The Operational Support Team  

Name Role Email
Karen Lawson Operations Assistant k.lawson@ed.ac.uk
Abbie Murphy Operations Assistant abbie.murphy@ed.ac.uk
Pawel Rozenbajgier Operations Coordinator pawel.rozenbajgier@ed.ac.uk
Ally Ryburn Operations Coordinator alasdair.ryburn@ed.ac.uk

Salomè Sodini

Operations Assistant salome.sodini@ed.ac.uk

The Support Assistant Team

The team includes a range of Support Assistants who deliver specialist support to students, such as Notetakers, Proofreaders and Mental Health, Autism or Specific Learning Differences Study Skills Specialists.  All of these staff are appropriately qualified and are registered with the relevant professional bodies.

British Sign Language Development Officer

Name Role Email
Alison Hendry

British Sign Language Development Officer