Student Counselling

One-to-One Therapy (Counselling)

The Student Counselling Service is offering services by video (via Microsoft Teams), telephone, email and in person. If you would like to speak to a counsellor please make sure you have noted your contact number before submitting the form.

Therapies We Offer

We offer short-term counselling in person, by video (via Microsoft Teams) telephone or by email, as well as other brief therapies.

Video Appointments on Microsoft Teams

We offer video appointments via Microsoft Teams. We have set out a list of FAQs below to help with any queries you may have.

Our Process – What to Expect

We offer services in person, by video call (Microsoft Teams), telephone and email. If you would like to register with the Counselling Service, the quickest way is to complete our online form.

Self-Referral Form

Before we can offer you a consultation appointment, you need to self refer using our webform. No-one else can refer you to our Service. We will offer you a consultation appointment as soon as we have a time that fits with your availability.

Availability Update

If there are any changes to your availability, since you submitted your referral form, please click the times you are available and press the 'submit' button. We keep a note your availability so that we can offer you an appointment time when you are available and to avoid a lengthy waits if you have to cancel or decline. If you've not yet registered with the service, please complete the self-referral form instead.