Student Counselling

Skills for Life and Learning

We run presentation workshops on a variety of topics. These are mostly held in the Main Library, but also at KB and are open to all students.

Our Wellbeing workshops, delivered to groups of up to 20 students, are very short  introductions to topics,  and will not resolve the issues  but will help you find ways to start dealing with them. They last for one hour and include small group discussions and individual exercises for reflection and practice.  Further resources are available at the end of the session if you would like them.

We also run a series of  workshops over four weeks  to provide you with tools to help manage anxiety and achiever your goals.  Most topics are delivered at least twice during Semesters 1 and 2.

Privacy Notice for workshops.


Workshop - presentations 2019-20

Date Time Presentation Venue



Topic Description
Coach me confident Offers practical steps to increase your confidence levels to feel positive about yourself and engage more confidently in relationships. Increases your understanding of your present levels of confidence and where they may have come from.
Don't lose sleep over it: how to improve your sleep It is very common for our sleep to be disrupted, particularly around stressful life events.  Sometimes this temproary glitch can become longer term.  This session looks at what happens when we sleep and causes of poor sleep.  It provides a chance to explore ways to support your body and mind to get a good night's rest.
Exam success

Identifies the specific factors that contribute to exam-related stress and panic; helps you to manage revision and exams more calmly and effectively.

Ideal for anyone who is not keen on exams or feels they could perform better if they could manage their exam anxiety.

The feel-good factor: Managing mood

Offers insight into how to recognise how you are performing (from a psychological perspective); explores ways to manage mood and adopt practices that help keep emotional balance.

Ideal for anyone who wants to have better control over their emotions.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: An introduction to anxiety management Helps you to recognise your own anxiety response; learn more about why it’s triggered and find ways to get control over your anxiety.
How to get on with people This session is an introduction to improving your relating skills.  It looks at improving boundaries and improving communication during conflict.  Ideal for people who find it difficult to be assertive.

I'll start tomorrow...

Offers us a framework to understand ‘stuckness’ in relation to work and offers empowerment to get going again. Time-management strategies are offered as well as ways to limit procrastination, allowing us to optimise productivity and feel good about ourselves 

Ideal for anyone who finds themselves saying, 'I'll start that tomorrow...'

Managing Stress Offers an explanation of the physiological effects of stress and highlights ways in which we can manage our minds and bodies to maintain a more relaxed state.  Ideal for anyone who gets stressed - probably all of us!
Mindfulness: An introduction Mindfulness is about bringing your awareness into the present moment.  Many people find it helpful when managing stress, anxiety and depression.  This session introduces what mindfulness is, and provides an opportunity to try out some practices and explore how you can bring being mindful into your daily life.
Nobody's perfect: When your best is good enough

An introduction to perfectionism - where it comes from; how it is maintained and what its consequences are.

Strategies are offered and ideas are generated together to achieve high standards while being kinder and more forgiving of ourselves.

So much to do, so little time: Effective time management

It takes time to make time

It can be difficult sometimes to fit in all the tasks we want in the week. If you struggle to find a good work-life balance, or feel that you are often running behind to catch up, take a little time out in these workshops to look at ways you can manage yourself in relation to your limited time to achieve more.

Taking the panic out of presentations Making a presentation is often considered one of the most feared aspects of life - not just of University study.  Attend this presentation to learn why we get so worked up about presenting in front of others and how we can stay calmand in control.  Listen to and share with other participants who have equally strong reactions to presenting, and find out how they have learned to manage.  No one will be asked to give a presentation at this event - only the facilitator!