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App-solute wellbeing

You can download recommended third party Apps and Podcasts to your phone or tablet.

There are a number of free or low cost Apps available for iPhone or Android.

Relax with Andrew Johnson ‘Lite’ (free) and Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson (paid)

Guides you through a Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) session.              

Apple Store - Relax with Andrew Johnson ‘Lite’   

Apple Store - Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Google Play - Relax with Andrew Johnson ‘Lite’

Google Play - Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson                                    

Buddhify – modern mindfulness for busy lives (paid)                                          

Short, individualised, guided meditations to connect body and mind and loosen the hold of occupying or unhelpful thoughts.                                

Apple Store - Buddhify  

Google Play - Buddhify

More Apps

Apple Store - Beat Panic

Apple Store - Calm Harm

Google Play - Calm Harm

Google Play - Freedom

Apple Store - Headspace

Google Play - Headspace

Apple Store - Mindshift - coping with anxiety

Google Play - Mindshift - coping with anxiety

Apple Store - Pacific - anxiety stress and depression relief

Google Play - Pacifica - anxiety stress and depression relief

SAM self help for anxiety management



Sleep with me: Help falling asleep