Student Administration

You said.....We did

We value your feedback as it helps us to make improvements to our services.

Here are some examples of what we’ve done in response to your feedback.

You said we did

It was difficult to open a bank account without a student card.


We consulted and persuaded the banks to open an account without the need for a student card.

Students at Western General found it inconvenient to attend the Tier 4 Census at Old College due to their heavy teaching and lab loads.

Our Immigration Compliance Team will now be available at Western General at every census point.


The graduation registration form took too long to complete.

We redesigned the form and put it into MyEd reducing the number of  questions you need to answer.

We want the Rent Guarantor Scheme to be available to first and final year students.


From April 2017 the Rent Guarantor Scheme is now available to students in all years of study.


That the collecting your Biometric Residence Permit from the Post Office is time-consuming and complicated.

We have met with the Post Offices to share best practice and are promoting collection of BRPs at the Student Information Point.