Student Administration

Certificate of Matriculation Form

A Certificate of Matriculation can be used as proof of your status as a student at the University of Edinburgh.

We are currently working remotely have limited ability to produce and post paper documents until further notice. We recommend that where possible you request documents be sent electronically. You may order a paper document, but there may be a delay in this being produced and posted to you.


Who can use this form

  • Current University of Edinburgh students: Use this form only if the document available from your Euclid profile does not meet your needs.
  • Graduates of the University of Edinburgh: Generally you should request an Academic Statement. If only a retrospective certificate of matriculation will meet your needs, please provide your mailing address under Additional Information.

Who should not use this form

  • ECA and Moray House graduates before respective mergers with the University of Edinburgh should contact the relevant school directly.
Type S1234567 if you do not know your matriculation number.