Student Administration

Council Tax Form

We recommend that you send documents electronically via MyEd where possible. Paper documents can be ordered, but these take longer to provide than when they requested in electronic format.

Use this form only if your council has asked you for a hard copy of your council tax exemption letter, or if you are having trouble using the electronic documents service.


If your council has not asked for a hard copy, print or download a copy of the letter through the self-service portal at MyEd --> Accounts --> My Student Record --> Documents --> Student Status/Council Tax Exemption Letter.

Note: The City of Edinburgh Council accepts electronic letters sent via MyEd therefore a paper copy is not required.

To receive a Council Tax Exemption Letter students must be:

  • fully matriculated
  • studying on a full-time course (part-time students cannot receive a letter).
  • Those studying for a PhD must be within their 4 years of study

(PhD students beyond 4 years of study should not submit this form and refer to

Delivery Address

Letters will have your current semester address recorded (ensure this is up-to-date on your MyEd record). Those in University Halls of Residence are exempt therefore do not require a letter.