Student Immigration Service

What is International Check-in?

When you get to the UK or extend your visa in the UK we need to check your passport and immigration permission.

Most students also need to book and attend an appointment in person at the University. You will receive an email about what you need to do for International Check-in before you arrive. 

Who needs to attend an appointment for International Check-in? 

Every student who is not a UK or Irish citizen needs to complete International Check-in in order for us to check your permission to study. However, you do not need to attend an appointment if you have pre-settled or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.  

If you do not have pre-settled or settled status, you may need to attend an appointment for International Check-in in person. This applies to all international students coming to the UK on a visa (including a Standard Visitor visa), and all international students extending their visa in the UK. 

Students commencing programmes in January 2024

January Welcome International check-in will commence on 08 January 2024. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete this step in early January 2024. 

If you are a study Study Abroad / Exchange students joining in January with a Standard Visitor visa (January starts), please refer to instructions here. 

Where do appointments for International Check-in take place? 

During Welcome Week in September, appointments take place in McEwan Hall in Bristo Square. At other times of year, including the January Welcome, appointments take place in Old College on South Bridge. You will be notified of the location of your appointment when you make a booking. 

Find McEwan Hall and Old College on the campus map 

What do I need to bring to International Check-in? 

You will need to bring your passport. Depending on your circumstances, you may also need to bring other documents, such as proof of your entry into the UK (for example, a boarding pass or e-ticket) and your visa decision letter (if you have one). If you already have a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) you must bring this too. 

Returning from an Authorised Interruption of Study 

If you are a current student and you requested an Authorised Interruption of Study, this may have impacted your Tier 4 / Student visa.  We can only maintain sponsorship of a Student Visa during interruptions of 60 days or less, provided the student can still complete their programme within their current visa permission.  As a result of an interruption of studies, the University of Edinburgh may have been required to notify UK Visas & Immigration of your change of status and withdraw sponsorship of your Tier 4 / Student visa route.   

If the University withdrew sponsorship of your visa, we cannot permit you to re-enrol on your studies using your previous visa, even if it has not yet been curtailed. 

Before you return to your studies, you will need to request a new CAS and apply for a new Student visa.  You can request your new CAS using the online request form.  

If you have a new Student Visa for your return to study, you will need to attend another international check-in appointment in order for us to check your permission to study and to record your most recent immigration permission.


How to complete International Check-in