Student Immigration Service

Information for Irish nationals and dual nationals

Irish nationals have a special status in the UK. Dual nationals may have other immigration options.

Status of Irish nationals

If you are an Irish national, your rights in the UK are protected under the Common Travel Area arrangements: owing to this ‘special status’, you are treated as being settled in the UK from the day you arrive.

Irish nationals do not need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living, studying and working in the UK but can choose to submit an application if they wish to obtain official confirmation of their settled status and indefinite right to live and work in the UK.  

Non-UK/Irish family members of Irish nationals will need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme if eligible.

Dual nationals

If you are a national of an EU or EEA country (or a Swiss national) and have citizenship of another non-EU/EEA country, and you entered the UK with your EU/EEA/Swiss passport or ID card prior to the end of the transitional period (i.e. prior to 31 December 2020), you should have applied under the EU Settlement Scheme prior to 30 June 2021. Please note there is provision to make an application after the deadline in cases where the Home Office thinks there are 'reasonable grounds' for missing the deadline. Please contact us if you would like advice on this. 

If you did not arrive in the UK using your EU/EEA/Swiss ID document before 31 December 2020, you will not qualify for the EU Settlement Scheme, and you will need to make a visa application under the UK immigration rules.

FAQs for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals