Student Immigration Service

Can I apply from the UK?

If you already have a visa for the UK, you may be able to extend or apply for a new Student route visa from inside the UK.

Reasons you can apply

You can make a Student route visa application from inside the UK if you will study a degree programme at Edinburgh and:

  • You already have a visa for the UK which allows you to extend or switch into the Student route

  • Your current Student route visa was granted for study at a Higher Education Institution, overseas Higher Education Institution or independent school; AND
  • Your new programme will start not more than 28 days after your current visa expires; AND
  • You have successfully completed your most recent programme of study; AND 
  • You have enough time remaining under the Student route time limits to complete your studies; AND
  • Your new programme represents academic progression from your previous studies

Find out more about time limits on study and academic progression

Reasons you cannot apply in the UK

You cannot apply to extend your visa in the UK if you:

  • Have overstayed your visa
  • Need extra time to complete your current course, EXCEPT:
    • If you are applying to repeat or resit exams or courses, or you have already repeated or resat exams or courses related to your current studies;
    • If you applying for extra time to to complete your studies due to a period of study abroad or a work placement; 
    • If you are applying for more time to complete your current PhD studies;
  • Wish to change programme to a lower level
  • Wish to change programme without having successfully completed your most recent course of study, UNLESS;
    • You are applying to study the higher level of an integrated degree, OR;
    • You are applying for extra time to complete a medical, veterinary medicine or science or dentistry qualification with an intercalated year
  • Are studying on a part time basis


When to apply from the UK