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How to check your BRP and what to do if you find an error 

Find out what information you need to check is correct on your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and the instructions you must follow if you find an error in your BRP.

Future changes from UKVI

UKVI are changing to an electronic visa system. If your BRP says it expires on the 31 December 2024 then do not worry.  

Your visa decision letter will tell you the actual end date of your immigration permission, and you will be able to check and prove your immigration status online after 2024. You do not need to take any action; the UKVI will contact you with further information in 2024. 

You do not need to report this expiry date as an error. 

Checking your BRP 

You must check all the information in your BRP is correct.  

How to report an error to UKVI 

If you find an error in your BRP then you must report it online as soon as possible. You should report any errors within 10 days after you collect your BRP.  

If you report an error after 10 days, then you may have to apply and pay for a replacement BRP.  

UKVI should contact you in 5 working days after you reported the error online, but you may have to wait longer.  

Report an error in your BRP to UKVI  

If you applied for a visa inside the UK and find an error in your BRP

If you applied for a Student visa inside the UK and the error in your BRP is about your length of leave or conditions, then you need to apply for an administrative review.  

Contact us for advice if this relates to your circumstances.  

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