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Where to apply for your Student visa

If you are making your Student visa application from outside the UK, you must apply in your home country or normal country of residence.

Apply from your country of residence 

To apply for a Student visa outside of the UK, you’ll need to be in your country of residence. If you enter the UK before the process is complete, you’ll need to leave the country and return to the UK once your visa has been approved. 

If you have been living in the UK on a Student visa, or another type of valid visa, you may be able to apply to switch or extend your visa from here. 

Can I apply from the UK?

Do not enter the UK before getting your visa 

You shouldn't try and enter the country before your visa is approved. This means you shouldn’t enter the UK as a tourist. You’ll need to wait until your Student visa has been approved and you have: 

  • received a vignette (visa sticker) in your passport  


  • received your visa status online if you’ve used the UK Immigration: ID Check app (EU/EEA/Swiss nationals) 

Find out what to do once you receive your visa decision

Find out when to apply for your visa outside the UK 

When to apply for your visa