Student Immigration Service

Who can get a short term student visa?

There are a range of reasons you can be eligible for a short term visa, including spending a semester abroad at the University and studying an English language programme.

You can come to the UK as a short term student if:

  • You are coming to study credit bearing courses which will contribute to a degree level programme in your home institution, and you will spend no more than six months in the UK
  • You are coming to do a period of research, or research training, lasting no more than six months, which will contribute to a research degree in your home institution
  • You need to return to the University to undergo a resit or viva exam, and will leave the UK within six months
  • You will undertake a medical or veterinary medical elective
  • You are studying adistance learning programme and need to undertake study activity on-campus
    • Individual periods of study cannot last more than six months
  • You are studying an English language programme which is no more than 11 months in duration
  • You are studying a short course of less than 6 months, such as a summer scheme programme, CPD, or a course at the Centre for Open Learning

What you can do with this visa

Conditions of a short term student visa