Student Administration

Student expenses claims

Guidance on how any student can apply for reimbursement of additional expenses (e.g. travel, childcare, accommodation to attend a teaching event) incurred due to the recent UCU industrial action.

On 23 March 2018 our Principal Professor Peter Mathieson announced a scheme to reimburse additional expenses incurred by any student directly as a result of the industrial action. For example, some students on part-time, blended, or professional development programmes have borne the cost of travel, childcare and/or accommodation to attend a teaching event which was then subsequently cancelled because of the strike action. This guidance explains how you can apply for reimbursement of such expenses.

What circumstances are covered?

Circumstances in which you, as a student of the University, have incurred expenses to attend a teaching event at the University which was cancelled after you had already incurred the additional expenses, and where you have tried but not been able to obtain a refund on those expenses from the supplier concerned.

What sort of costs can I claim for?

Travel costs, and/or childcare/carer costs, and/or overnight accommodation costs.

When can I submit my claim?

Claims can be submitted between 3 April and 31 May 2018.

What evidence do I need to provide?

First, you need to tell us which teaching event(s) you had arranged to attend, when they were scheduled, and where they were due to take place.

Second, please ensure you include scanned or photographed copies of receipts confirming the expenditure that you are claiming for. Please make sure that your scan/photo is of sufficient quality for us to read the receipt clearly, otherwise we may not be able to process your claim. 

Third, please provide an explanation of the steps you have taken to try to obtain a refund of these expenses. If possible please provide copies of emails, etc.

How do I make a claim?

Send an email to from your student email account detailing the information and evidence within the section of the guidance above. Please also state the total of the claim you are requesting be reimbursed.

How will my claim be processed?

We will review the details you have provided, check that the teaching activity in question was cancelled as a result of industrial action, and review the receipts. Once we have done that we will email you to inform you of our decision to approve or not.

If my claim is approved, how will I be paid?

We may already hold bank account details for you. If we do, you will be paid by bank transfer directly into your UK bank account on approval of your claim. If we don’t hold your bank account details, we will request this information on approval of your claim. Please note, we cannot begin processing your payment until you have supplied your bank account details.

How long will the whole process take?

We cannot guarantee timescales but will aim to process all claims and get back to you with a decision within 5 working days. Once we have approved your claim, and on receipt of your bank details, you should receive payment within 5 working days

What happens if my claim is not approved?

If we are unable to approve your claim we will contact you and will explain why. If you are unhappy with our decision you can send an email to to ask for the decision to be reviewed. This decision will be final.

Can I use this scheme to apply for a tuition fee refund?

No. This scheme is for additional expenses directly incurred as a result of the industrial action.

I have a further query - who can I contact?

Please email any queries not covered by the above information to