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Learning adjustments explained

Here you can find a detailed explanation of what learning adjustments are and how to access yours if you have a learning profile with Student Disability Service.

What is a learning adjustment? 

Learning adjustments are amendments to your course of study which enable you to participate fully in your education. You can now request this extra time via your Disability Support page using the Extra Time Adjustment (ETA) Tool.

The types of learning adjustment that can be requested via the ETA are: 

  • Extra time on a submission;

  • Extra time for a proof-reader. 

If you need to access any other type of learning adjustment (for example, extra time on an exam) please contact your School. 

If you believe that you have a valid reason to have a Schedule of Adjustments in place and wish to be considered for such support, please approach the Student Disability Service with supporting documentation.

Student Disability Service

Supporting documentation requirements


You can request your learning adjustment by navigating to the Extra Time Adjustment Tool via MyEd. You can view your Schedule of Adjustments and then select ‘Apply learning adjustments.’ You will then be able to view and select any assessments where extra time is permitted. Once submitted, your deadline will be automatically updated.  

If you have more than one learning adjustment (e.g. extra time on an assessment and extra time for a proofreader) you will need to request each learning adjustment separately. 

Please note that not all assessments permit extra time and this is at the discretion of the School.  

For further information on how to apply, please visit the page below. 

Applying for extra time using a learning adjustment


If you are experiencing an adverse situation that is out of your control, then you can also apply for an extension on top of your learning adjustment. To do this, you can make an application through the Assessment Support Tool. Please note that any learning adjustment requests received via the Assessment Support Tool will not be accepted. For more information about extensions, please refer to our 'Extensions explained' page.  

Extensions explained

Apply for an extension

Next steps

Once you have requested your learning adjustment (and, if applicable, an extension) and these have been processed, your deadline will be updated to include both sets of extra time. You will be able to view the new deadline within the Extra Time Adjustment Tool. If you have also applied for an extension in addition to your learning adjustment, the new deadline will be available in both the Extra Time Adjustment Tool and Assessment Support Tool. 

Deadline for applying

In order to receive extra time, you must request your learning adjustment before the deadline. This can either be the original deadline, or, if you have applied for an extension, before the extended deadline. Requests that are submitted beyond the deadline will not be accepted. If this deadline is now passed and you have a significant reason for applying late, you might wish to apply for special circumstances. 

Special circumstances explained

I have a question

If would like to find out more about learning adjustments, please contact the Student Disability Service. 

Contact the Student Disability Service