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Apply for extra time using a learning adjustment

Information on how to use your learning adjustments to apply extra time to assessments.


There are two routes which you can follow to apply extra time to an assessment. You should read the information below to ensure you are using the correct route.

Support available to all students

All students can use the Assessment Support Tool to apply for a coursework extension of up to 7 days. These extensions are available if you experience a situation that has an impact on your academic performance.

The Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) team will review your application for a coursework extension and respond within 2 working days of receiving it informing you if the situation you have experienced is eligible for support.

You can also use the Assessment Support Tool to apply for a special circumstance which is available if you experience a situation that has a significant and longer lasting impact on your academic performance. Special circumstance applications require supporting evidence and review by the ESC team and your school before they can be given.

Information on coursework extensions and special circumstances

Additional support available to students with extra time learning adjustments

Students who are registered with the Disability Learning Support Service and have learning adjustments for extra time on coursework or assessments can apply the extra time to their assessments using the Extra Time Adjustment (ETA) Tool. This includes the extra time adjustment for a student to complete their work and for a proofreader to do their work.

If an assessment permits extensions, you may receive an extension of up to 7 days. The school may decide to restrict the amount of days you can extend the due date of an assessment (e.g. allow a maximum of 5 days instead of 7 days). You would not be allowed to add multiple extension types if your school has restricted the number of days they allow for an extension. An assessment may also not allow extensions, in which case you won't be able to extend your deadline.

These extensions will be accepted and applied to the assessment immediately once submitted through the ETA Tool.

Using both routes to apply extra time to an assessment

The Assessment Support Tool and the ETA Tool are connected and will factor in any applications made by either tool when calculating a revised due date on an assessment. This means that if you have approved extra time on an assessment using one tool it will be displayed in the other tool when you apply for extra time. The additional time will be made on top of any previous submissions of extra time.

Walkthrough of the application process

Video: ETA walkthrough
ETA walkthrough

Accessing the ETA Tool

1. From MyED, open your self-service portal in EUCLID.

2. Select Disability Support from the side menu.

LA - 1

3. If you have an extra time learning adjustment you will be able to see a button labelled Apply for coursework extra time using an adjustment.

This buton will open the Extra Time Adjustment (ETA) tool.

You can also view information about your full Schedule of Adjustments (SoA) by selecting the View Schedule of Adjustments button.

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4. When you are ready to apply extra time to one of your assessments select Apply for coursework extra time using an adjustment.

Application process

1. Start page - This page provides useful information to guide you through the application process. You should read this if you are applying for the first time.

2. Choose assessment type - Select either first sit assessment or reassessment depending on which type of assessment you are applying for extra time on.

LA - 4

3. Select an adjustment type - Select the extra time learning adjustment type that you want to apply to your assessment.

There are two types of extra time learning adjustments that can be applied to an assessment.

  • Extra time - This allows you to extend your due date to allow extra time to complete your assessment
  • Extra time for proof reader / interpreter - This allows you to extend your due date to allow extra time for a proof reader or interpreter to view your assessment before you submit.

You can only apply a single learning adjustment type at a time. If you have more than one available to use you will need to repeat the process if you want to apply another one.

LA - 5

4. Select your course - Select the course that your assessment is part of from the drop down list.

La - 6

5. Select your assessment - Select the assessment you want to apply your extra time adjustment to.

La -7

6. Review your request for extra time - Review the revised due date of your assessment and submit the form to apply your extra time.

LA - 9

7. Confirmation of approval - Once you submit your request for extra time you will receive an immediate confirmation that it has been approved.  The new due date for your assessment will be displayed.

Approval confirmation is the final step in applying for extra time on your assessment.  Once approved your assessment now has extra time applied to it and no further notifications will be sent.

LA -10

 Next Steps

If you do not wish to apply other extra time learning adjustments to any of your assessments and you don't need to apply for additional support then close the application.

If you need to apply more extra time to an assessment you can:

  • Click the link to apply another extra time learning adjustment to an assessment
  • Click the link to view the due dates of your assessments that have extra time
  • Click the link to open the Assessment Support tool to apply for additional support