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A comprehensive resource of guidance to help you use the new Assessment Support tool and how it can help you during difficult times.

Your data

Members of the ESC team will need to view the details of your application to be able to make decisions regarding your extensions and special circumstances requests.

Your Student Support Team, Personal Tutor or Student Adviser have access to the details of your application in order to fulfill the University’s obligation for pastoral care and support.

Other school staff members may need access to make relevant decisions pertaining to which special circumstances outcomes to apply. This could be Chairs of the Board of Examiners or Special Circumstances Committee.

All staff abide by University rules on dealing with sensitive data.  The ESC system improves data security by removing paper copies of forms and supporting evidence along with limiting those involved in decision-making.

New and continuing students confirm the Student Data Privacy Statement annually at registration. This outlines how we use your data to support your student journey. This includes data within the student record, coursework extensions and special circumstances processes. All staff are required to comply with the University Data Protection Policy.

Privacy Statement

Data Protection Policy

 Not sure what to apply for? Please review your options in the guide below: 


Special circumstances explained

Here you can find a detailed explanation of what a special circumstance is and if your situation qualifies you to apply for one.

Extensions explained

Here you can find a detailed explanation of what an extension is and if your situation qualifies you to apply for one.

Learning adjustments explained

Here you can find a detailed explanation of what learning adjustments are and how to access yours if you have a learning profile with Disability Learning Support Service.

Apply for extra time using a learning adjustment

Information on how to use your learning adjustments to apply extra time to assessments.

Applying a learning adjustment off-system from the ETA tool

Guidance on how to apply an extra time learning adjustment when it is not displayed within the ETA tool

Applying for support

Here you can find Information to support you through the process of applying for a Coursework Extension or Special Circumstance


Information on why you will receive notifications during the application process and how they keep you informed

Managing your application

Here you find information on how to track the progress of your application and view any of the decisions that have been made on the support you have applied for.

Clearing your browser cache

Information on how to clear the cache history in your browser if you experience an error using the system.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC).

Should you experience a technical issue with the Assessment Support tool, let us know: Report a technical issue (secured)