Student Administration

Special circumstances deadlines

Find out when the deadline is for submitting your application.


  • If you are applying for special circumstances please make sure you apply no later than seven days after your final deadline of the semester;
  • Some Schools have a set deadline that applies to all courses. We have listed these deadlines below and will update the tables as we receive them from Schools;
  • When checking the deadline, please check by your School rather than by courses you want to apply for;
  • Please note that UG/PG deadlines may differ. 

Late Applications

  • Applications submitted past the deadline will not be accepted unless there is a good reason why you couldn’t submit your application before the deadline. Please explain your reason for applying late in your application.

Retrospective Applications

  • Retrospective applications will not be considered (this is when you want to apply after the deadline for the publication of ratified marks following the relevant Board of Examiners meeting);
  • Please seek further support and information about available options with your Student Support Office and the Advice Place.

Expedited Decisions

  • If you would like your School to consider an expedited decision on your application (a decision that is made before the relevant Board of Examiners meeting), please contact your Student Support Office before submitting your application.

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