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Requesting an extra time learning adjustment

Extra Time Learning Adjustments are available for students registered with the Disability and Learning Support Service and have a Schedule of Adjustments in place. In the Extra Time Adjustments (ETA) tool, you can access your adjustments by telling us what assessments you need extra time for.

Written instructions


Step 1 – Navigating to the Extra Time Adjustment (ETA) tool 

From MyED, open your self-service portal in EUCLID

Select 'Disability Support' from the side menu. 

Select 'Apply for coursework extra time using an adjustment'. This will take you to the ETA tool. 

Disability support page screenshot

Step 2 – Choose an assessment type 

Review the guidance information, especially if you are requesting an adjustment for the first time. 

Click 'First sit assessment' for an assessment you will be submitting for the first time. 

Click 'Reassessment' if you are making a request for a resit.


Applying for a learning adjustment screen in the Extra Time Adjustment tool


Step 3 - Select an adjustment type 

Select 'Extra time for submission' if you want to extend your due date on an assessment. 

Select 'Extra time for proofreader/interpreter' if you want to extend your due date to allow extra time for a proofreader or interpreter. 

Click Submit.


Screenshot of ETA tool learning adjustment type window

Do you need extra time for an assessment and a proofreader/interpreter?

If you need both adjustments for your assessment, you must apply for them one at a time. Complete the application for one and then repeat the application for the other. 


Step 4 - Select your course and assessment 

Select the course that your assessment is part of from the drop-down list. 

Click Submit.


La - 6


Select the assessment you need extra time for from the list provided. Assessments with available adjustments have a white background and can be selected. Assessments that are not available will display a reason for being unavailable. Your school defines the extra time available on assessments. For any questions related to extra time not available please contact your course organiser.  


La -7


Once you select an assessment, you will see the:

  • original due date
  • number of days in extra time provided
  • revised due date
  • hand in instructions.

If the extra time given for the assessment is less than 7 days, a reason will be provided.  

Review your revised due date. 

Click Submit. 


 ETA submission review screen


Step 5 - Approval and next steps  

You do not need to wait for a decision. Approval is instant.

You can see your new due date. It has now been applied to your assessment. 

Review the links under 'What do I do now?' to apply for another adjustment or view your existing adjustments.

LA -10



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