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Extra time learning adjustments

Students who are registered with the Disability and Learning Support Service and have a Schedule of Adjustments can access extra time for their assessments using the Extra Time Adjustment (ETA) Tool.  


What can I get an extra time adjustment for?

You can access extra time adjustments to: 

  • complete a coursework assessment   

  • have your coursework proofread / interpreted 

Accessing your extra time adjustment

The Extra Time Adjustment Tool (ETA)

Extra time is not applied to your assessments automatically when you have an extra time learning adjustment in place. You must request extra time for each assessment that you require it for.

Requests are made using the ETA tool, accessible via the Disability Support page in MyEd. 

Read our step-by-step guide on making a request

Requesting multiple adjustments for the same assessment

Each adjustment must be requested separately, even if they are for the same assessment. The ETA tool will only process one adjustment at a time.

Deadlines for accessing extra time adjustments

You must request your learning adjustment before the coursework deadline.

If you have been granted an extension, your application must be made before the new deadline you have been granted. 

Applications made after your coursework deadline will not be accepted, however, if you have experienced an adverse situation beyond your control, you may be able to make a special circumstances application. 

How much extra time is available

If your assessment permits extra time adjustments, you may be given between 1 and 7 extra days for each adjustment. 

The amount of time available is decided by the School. For example, if the extra time allowed is 5 days, you could request 5 days for completing your assessment and 5 days for proofreading.


Your extra time adjustment will be applied to your assessment immediately once you submit your request through the ETA Tool. 

Additional support for assessments

Extra time for exams

You may be able to get extra time for your exams. The ETA tool does not handle this type of learning adjustment application. 

If you need extra time for exams, contact your School directly

Support in exceptional situations

Sometimes unexpected situations arise that prevent you from completing an assessment, performing well in an assessment or attending an exam.  If you are experiencing difficulties you may be able to make a separate application for a course work extension or special circumstances.

Learn about coursework extensions 

Learn about special circumstances 

Find out more about learning adjustments

If would like to find out more about learning adjustments, or if you believe that you should have a Schedule of Adjustments in place and wish to be considered for such support, please approach the Disability and Learning Support Service with supporting documentation. 

Disability and Learning Support Service 

Supporting documentation requirements