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Learning adjustments explained

Here you can find a detailed explanation of what learning adjustments are and how to access yours if you have a learning profile with Student Disability Service.

Not quite sure what to apply for? Please review the infograph below so you can find the right support. 


What is a learning adjustment? 

Learning adjustments are amendments to your course of study which enable you to participate fully in your education—a very common one is receiving extra time on an assessment. The Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) Team will now process all requests for extra time on written assessments through the new process.


  • You can request extra time on a written assignment by filling in the form below.
  • You will need to tell us which assessments you are requesting extra time on and provide basic contact information.
  • If you want to request extra time for more than one assignment, you will need to complete separate applications for each assignment. 
  • You will be notified by the Extensions and Special Circumstances Team that your request for extra time has been processed. ​​​​​

Please note: You cannot apply for a new learning adjustment through the system- you can only access learning adjustments that have already been put in place by Student Disability Service. If you think you might require learning adjustments due to a long-term physical or mental health condition, please get in touch with Student Disability Service.

Learning adjustment form

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If would like to find out more about learning adjustments, please contact the Student Disability Service. If you have a question relating to the ESC system, please get in touch with us.

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