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Extensions and Special Circumstances Service

The extensions and special circumstances (ESC) service helps students who need additional support with assessments. Support is available to students who have an existing schedule of adjustments, or those facing unforeseen, challenging circumstances. Help can range from additional time to complete coursework to special consideration regarding late penalties or marks.

Processing update

We have a turnaround of:

  • 2 working days for extensions 
  • 5 working days for special circumstances applications.

Delay of Start of In Person Studies

If you apply for a delayed start to your in-person studies, your School will assess whether it is possible for you to stay on track with your studies and remain engaged. You choose to do this at your own risk. 

A late start to in-person studies won’t be acceptable grounds for an extension or special circumstances request, whether you have permission from your school or not. 

If you have experienced other extenuating circumstances your request would only be considered on those grounds. 

What support do you need with your assessment?

Extensions                                      Special Circumstances                     Extra time learning adjustments 
If something unexpected has happened that is preventing you from meeting an assessment deadline, you can apply for an extension.  If your studies have been affected by an unforeseen situation, you may be eligible for  special circumstances.   Students registered with the Disability Learning Support Service with a Schedule of Adjustments can apply the extra time to their assessments.  

Extensions are available for:

+ most coursework  

Extensions are not available for:

- exams 

- coursework where the deadline has passed 



Special circumstances are available for:

+ coursework where an extension is not available 

+ coursework where you can’t meet the extension deadline 

+ coursework where the deadline has passed 

+ exams you cannot attend 

+ exams that you have missed 

+ assessments where you feel you have underperformed 


Special circumstances

Extra time learning adjustments are available for:

 + most coursework    

+ a proofreader

+ an interpreter 


Extra time learning adjustments



Applying for support

Girl on computer in house
Applications for extensions and special circumstances are made using the Assessment Support tool. Extension applications have 2 steps. Special circumstance applications require an additional impact statement and evidence, 4 steps in total. Explore our step-by-step guide to completing your application.

Special circumstances deadlines

Schools have deadlines for special circumstances applications. Applications made after the school deadline will not be considered unless there is an exceptional reason. Each semester has a final cutoff date for applications. Talk to your Student Support Team before submitting your application to get support and a faster decision.

Useful Contacts

Contact your local student support team, university pastoral services, or external helplines.

Meet the Team

Meet the Extensions and Special Circumstances Team.