Student Administration

Special Arrangements Exams Timetable

Students with special arrangements are provided with a personalised timetable.

Students with special examination arrangements: access your timetable

  • All correspondence sent from Examinations regarding your timetable, will be sent from  you should check that this address is not marked as junk or spam.
  • Emails will only be sent to your university email address e.g. you MUST check this address regularly.

Exam Timetable

  • The main exam timetable will show your exam dates/times and is published 6 weeks before the first exam.  You will receive an email when the timetable is available.
  • 2 weeks before exams start, you will receive an email with a web link to your individual arrangements. 
  • IMPORTANT – You will take your exams in a DIFFERENT VENUE to the main exam.  Morning exams will usually start at 0915, afternoon exams will usually start at 1430.
  • If you go to the main exam venue, you will not be given your exam concessions.
  • If you have not received an email about your arrangements, at least 10 days before your first exam, you should contact immediately.
  • If exams are missing or you are not intending on sitting an exam, please email as soon as you receive your timetable.


    On the day of the exam

  • Please arrive in good time, as you will not receive additional time if you are late.
  • Information relating to venues can be found on  
  • If at any time during exams you think that you have not been given the correct concessions you should speak to the invigilator in the first instance then check by emailing
  • Reading Time – If you have been allocated reading time, you are allowed 15 minutes at the start of the examination in order to read the question paper. During the 15 minutes no writing is permitted except to complete the front covers of your script books; a highlighter, may be used to outline key words and phrases.
  • Using a PC
    • Computer Lab - if you have been allocated the use of a PC, you should ensure that you know the basics.  Within the computer lab you will be required to print your exam, at the end of your time, you will also be required to sign for the number of copies printed.

Individual Room – if you have the use of an individual room and a PC, you will receive a laptop.  You will be required to save your work on a USB stick and confirm how many pages are to be printed.  You will not have access to print your work; the exams team will print this.