Student Administration

Service standards

In its interactions with students, University staff, applicants, graduates and external agencies, the Department of Student Administration provides a high quality administrative service and support.

Among the responsibilities of Student Administration are scholarships and financial aid, examinations, graduations, fees, timetabling and the Student Information Point.

Service Standards

Student Administration Staff:

  • are committed to providing both accurate information and a prompt service
  • are approachable, helpful, respectful and professional, at all times
  • are consistent, and committed to equitable treatment for all
  • respect client confidentiality

Service Benchmarks

The Department of Student Administration aims to meet the following service levels, although this may not always be possible during periods of peak activity such as matriculation and graduation:

  • all enquiries in person to receive attention within two minutes
  • to acknowledge all written enquiries within two working days.
  • to answer all telephone enquiries during working hours within thirty seconds
  • to promptly forward enquirers to an appropriate member of staff if the answer to the enquiry is not readily available
  • to return all telephone calls and answer phone messages within one working day

Provision of information

Student Administration staff will:

  • identify their name and office when providing a service either in person, over the telephone or in emails
  • ensure that letters are signed wherever possible by the originating member of staff, together with direct contact details
  • provide extensive information on all of its services on the Student Administration website

In accordance with the University’s Data Protection Policy, Student Administration is committed to the protection of the rights and freedoms of individuals with respect to the processing of their personal data.

Improving our Service

We welcome your suggestions and comments in order to help us improve our service.

If you have any comments with regards to our service please either write to the Director of Student Administrative Services, University of Edinburgh, Old College, EH8 9YL, or email us, and a senior member of staff will reply within two working days.

Customer Feedback


98% of visitors to Student Administrative Services in January 2020 rated our service as positive.