Strategic Planning

About us

Strategic Planning is part of the University Secretary's Group. Strategic Planning is headed by the Director of Strategic Planning and Insight, Rona Smith.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning aims to support the University in achieving its strategic goals and to support Colleges, Schools and other Support Groups in achieving their plans by:
  • Leading, driving and enabling performance enhancing strategic activity

  • Providing expert advice and guidance

  • Producing insightful strategic analysis, research and commentary

  • Influencing, negotiation and advocacy

  • Helping to optimise the University's profile and reputation


Across the following areas of priority activity and expertise:
  • Extrenal policy influencing, negotiation and compliance
  • Internal policy development and impact assessment
  • Corporate strategy and performance enhancement
  • Corporate planning, resource allocation and income generation
  • Research strategy and policy
  • Strategic business intelligence
  • Partnership
  • Project management and stakeholder engagement
  • Forecasting and modelling (specifically related to student recruitment, populations and fee income; REG and other Scottish Funding Council formula grants; league tables)

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