Teaching Matters

Episode 26: Co-Creation in Hybrid Teaching and Learning (8 min)

Episode 25: Martine Irakoze Wants to Bring Something New to the Table

Episode 24:“the work is doing what it’s supposed to do”: A Conversation between Johanna Holton and Brindley Fortuin

Episode 23: A Student-Centred Outlook on the Development of Hybrid Teaching and Learning

Episode 22: In-person tutor meetings outdoors

Episode 21: In-person dissertation supervisor outdoors, the student perspective (Part 3)

Episode 20: In-person dissertation supervision outdoors (Part 2)

Episode 19: Assessment and Social Justice in the Hybrid University



three students stand in front of a University building

The Curriculum Transformation Programme is a major and long term initiative for the University of Edinburgh, closely aligned to Strategy 2030. Curriculum Transformation will work to review the shape, design, and delivery of our current curriculum to ensure it develops with the needs of our future students in mind.

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