Teaching Matters

Supporting the Deanery’s teaching community

The BMTO Teaching Network encourages staff to share practice and discuss research

The Biomedical Teaching Organisation (BMTO) teaching network started in 2013 is open to all staff and postgraduate students interested in all matters related to Learning and Teaching. It aims to encourage staff to share ideas, good practices and innovations but also to discuss findings from research projects.

This network aims to increase awareness in staff development opportunities such as teaching -related seminars, training activities and teaching experiences recognitions and accreditations. it also aspires to stimulate interest in research in Teaching and Learning and to motivate staff to develop their own research projects in education. 

The network meets three to four times per semester. Both external guests and internal speakers have contributed. Discussion themes have been diverse and have included topics such as Online learning, Feedback, Blended learning and Managing students expectations. More information on the BMTO teaching network can be found on the Biomedical Teaching organisation website.