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Unfold: Reflecting on Transitions

Paul McLaughlin (Associate Director for Academic Enhancement) has introduced a reflective exercise, Unfold, for 1st year students to help them transition into University.

Paul McLaughlin (Associate Director for Academic Enhancement) has introduced a reflective exercise, Unfold, for 1st year students to help them transition into University. This provides a platform for discussion in the semester 2 meetings students met with their Personal tutors. 

This “joined-up” approach to transitions into first year uses a Workbook in Pebblepad. Students fill in a form on-line before they come, answering questions such as what they have most disquiet about coming to University and what their ambitions might be. A personal tutor using this should then have access to the student’s Workbook for the rest of that student’s career. At further key points through the year the workbook is augmented, for example when we ask the student to reflect on feedback and to make plans to improve in subsequent assessments. 

The ethos behind Unfold was to connect up students’ experiences from when they first come to the University with the end of the year. The main objective is to promote reflective, independent learning.  

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