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IT Futures conference: Scaling and transforming education

The University is growing! It seems to be the only way forward. But many questions are raised as this happens. How do we address the challenges of ever increasing class sizes both on campus and online? How much do we expect to grow, and how fast? What is the impact on other aspects of the life of the institution? How do we maintain a positive view of the opportunities while not dismissing the difficulties that emerge?We plan an exciting programme with invited and local speakers addressing three major areas:1) How do we transform the personalisation of the student experience at scale?2) How do we enhance quality assessment, accreditation & feedback at scale?3) How do we rethink educator-to-student contact & interactions at scale?

We are delighted to confirm our first keynote speaker, Stefan Hyttfors, a global keynote speaker and author on future trends and disruptive change. We will update the program with other speakers and respondents as the planning committee confirms them.

Wednesday 13th December, 08:30-16:30

Venue: Informatics Forum, George Square

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