Health & Wellbeing

Healthy workplaces

The University is committed to developing a working environment and working practices which help maintain and improve the emotional and physical health of staff

Workplace health

Information and support to ensure you stay healthy whilst at work

Workplace support

The following Support Services offer a range of advice and activities for staff

Work related travel

There are a number of units in the University who provide guidance for those who travel for work-related purposes

Staff and Personal Development

Staff and personal development activities are an opportunity to further skills and knowledge, thus with potential to improve job satisfaction, employability and self confidence

Workplace safety

Safety guidance including risk assessments, work in offices, laboratories, workshops, personal protective equipment etc.

Workplace safety

Health and Wellbeing

Human Resources website with information on the work-life balance, healthy working, leave arrangements, sickness absence and in-house services.

Health and Wellbeing