Health & Wellbeing

Health at work

The University is committed to developing a working environment and working practices which help maintain and improve the emotional and physical health of staff

Alcohol and drugs

Glass of red wine
Information on alcohol and drugs

Back care

back pain
General guidance on back care


Nurse Holding Patient's Hand
General guidance on cancer


Pregnant women
General guidance and advice on pregnancy


cigarette cut in half
The University Policy on smoking and help available to stop.

Mental health

Health and wellbeing
Mental health guidance and support

Work-related Travel

Travel health
Guidance and advice on travel health

Monitoring your work health

Image of a workstation with PC set up
Support available to monitor your work health

Public health and communicable diseases

Image of a person working at a fume hood.
Processes and procedures to follow if there are outbreaks of communicable diseases

Eating Well

Organic food
Information and guidance on eating well

Asthma in the workplace

Close-up of asthma inhaler
Advice on asthma in the workplace


yellow lily
Guidance - The Menopause and Work


Card to help people recognise symptoms of a Stroke
General guidance on stroke

Workplace safety

Safety guidance including risk assessments, work in offices, laboratories, workshops, personal protective equipment etc.

Workplace safety

Health and Wellbeing

Human Resources website with information on the work-life balance, healthy working, leave arrangements, sickness absence and in-house services.

Health and Wellbeing