Enhancing the Student Experience

Learning from student survey results

The responses of thousands of University of Edinburgh students to the 2014 students’ surveys are now in and have been closely analysed.

We have survey responses from undergraduates via the Edinburgh Student Experience Survey (ESES), from students about to finish their undergraduate degree via the National Student Survey (NSS) and from postgraduate taught students in the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES).

While progress is slow, I am pleased that we have improved in the majority of categories across all of these surveys. Our position in NSS rankings is still a cause for concern, and some School results went down as well as up, so locally the picture for us is more mixed. But we are now on track and know what to do to improve the student experience and our survey outcomes.

Professor Sue RigbyChair, Student Enhancement Programme Board

The University has identified three key elements to improving the student experience:

  • Ensure that students are part of our academic learning community
  • Ensure that we communicate effectively with our students
  • Ensure that we are consistent and useful in the feedback we offer on their work

Professor Rigby said: “If all staff can contribute to these three goals, our results should begin to improve much more quickly. All of us need to be part of this solution. In addition, for staff with a focus on excellent teaching, there are now well designed routes to promotion based on practical demonstrations of teaching skill and leadership. We are a University for excellent research and excellent teaching, and will recognise both skill sets going forward."

This poster is one of a series produced this semester to highlight to students that the University acts on what they tell us.

A poster saying that in response to feedback from students about assessment the University has introduced additional guidance for staff on marking, and is introducing a Teaching and Learning Charter which explains what to expect from the University and what the University expects of students

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Survey data is analysed by the Student Surveys team in the Student Experience Project.

Student Surveys wiki has more information about the survey data