Enhancing the Student Experience

What happened?

The Programme and Course Information Management (PCIM) project looked at how we create, manage and use programme and course information.

 This project strand completed on 31 July 2015


To enhance the student experience by providing accurate, consistent and usable information on programmes and courses. To ensure clarity of expectation of the learning objectives, outcomes and experience and assisting with course choice selection when required. To support staff by delivering robust solutions to the production and management of information and to reduce duplication of effort.

Why was this important?

Woman helping young man with information

Programme and course information is used extensively across the University, by enquirers, applicants, students and staff.

Evidence gathered during the scoping phase of the project indicated that programme and course information in its current form would benefit from enhancement.

As part of the UK University sector, it is important that the University can provide complete and accurate statistical and contextual information about our provision, approach and types of learning experiences, as well as demonstrate the value of studying for a degree here.

The Quality Assurance Agency’s 'UK Quality Code for Higher Education' sets out expectations which all universities are expected to engage with and demonstrate, including some which relate specifically to programme and course information.


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