Enhancing the Student Experience

What happened?

Innovation in Student Support Services provided many University services and teams with opportunities to successfully introduce new approaches and enhancements to their provision.

Our aims were:
To develop, deploy and enhance web-based student support mechanisms and tools.
To foster and enhance innovation, collaboration, partnership and integrated working between the support services and Colleges/Schools in order to enhance the academic and pastoral support available to our students.
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The student support services within the University are constantly evolving and introducing innovations in the services they offer, in response to student feedback, changes in technology and based on best practice across the sector.

This section has examples of service changes and enhancements which were introduced by some of the central student services.

What happened in these areas?

Recruitment and admissions

Academic support

Pastoral support

Support for international students

Enhancing employability

There are also examples of improvements introduced during 2012 and 2013.

Achievements 2012-2013


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Our student support services are always looking for feedback - so if there’s an innovation you’d like to see, why not make a suggestion?

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